Closing down the public switched telephone network

What is happening?

Back in 2018, Openreach announced that the UK would become completely fibre-optic by the 31st of December 2025, with the intention of discontinuing all new copper-based connections by September 2023.

What is stop sell?

  • Once 75% of the exchange area has access to Full Fibre, Openreach will no longer offer copper-based products (i.e. traditional landlines).
  • Openreach will not accept orders, changes, or upgrades to copper-based products after a 12 month period, and a stop sell notice will be issued as a warning. Congleton is in stop sell.
  • All copper wire based products, such as, ADSL, FTTC, GFast, ISDN and other analogue lines will be unavailable.

What do I need to do?

An Openreach stop sell will not impact any copper-based services that have already been installed until the copper network is shut down at the end of 2025.

Don't panic!

Ignore phone calls, emails and letters with a scary sounding narrative. You have plenty of time to act. Give Bytecom a call on 01260 541510.

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BT Openreach Analogue Switch Off

BT Openreach have announced that by 2026 they will have begun the shutdown of the ageing copper wire telephone line network. ISDN is being phased out in favour of internet based lines. There will no longer be a requirement for traditional analogue phone lines. Are you ready?

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